Behind the royal obsession

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Years of war and destruction were fought for the American separation from England and their lifestyle. So, why are Americans obsessed with the royal family? 

The royals are all the rage lately with the news of the royal wedding, Meghan Markle an American actress, will be marrying Prince Henry “Harry” of Wales, and the birth of Prince William Duke of Cambridge and Catherine “Kate” Duchess of Cambridge’s baby boy on Monday, April 23. The question permits of why does an American, like myself, find the royal family and all their private affairs fascinating? 

We as American citizens were born on the land where we made it pertinent to be separate people from England and the royals. Now, the obsession of the royal family in America is more obvious than ever. 

In this I simply mean, people have been writing stories about the baby and guessing what his name will be and writing about the rumors of what they have heard the name will be. The leading names so far are Arthur and Albert. Media writers and reporters are thinking the royal family will go towards the name Arthur because of the King Arthur story and family importance. The other detail of the royal family that has been in the news and tabloids recently is the upcoming royal wedding. This sparking questions of who will be in the wedding. What style and designer will Markle be wearing for the event? These are all seemingly unimportant questions people gush over trying to feel like they are in way helping plan the wedding or be a part of the history of the wedding.

In this being said, Americans feel as though they have the right to know everyone’s business at each point in another person’s life, which in fact they don’t they just want to be nosey.

In my opinion, knowing things about the happenings around the world not just the royal wedding and baby, but also the big changes should be available to the people. Such as, in the case of Princess Charlotte will remain ahead of her new brother in the line of succession because of the 2013 Succession to the Crown Act. I feel this is what should be headlining in the news, and not as an afterthought of what will the baby be named.

Additionally, I feel the American people’s obsession of the royal family actually became apparent when Princess Diana married into the royal family. With this being said, the royal family was then seen for its humanitarian efforts throughout the world. 

Since Princess Diana’s passing, almost everything the royals have done has in some way been impacted by her, or the media makes it seem like she has impacted multitudes of aspects in their lives even if what they did was not meant to be that way because she was a force of greatness in what she did in her life and people just adored her. 

An example of this would be passing on her humanitarianism to Prince Harry with his efforts in Africa. When Kate wore a red dress after the birth of her third child, it was then related to the red dress Princess Diana wore after Harry’s birth.

Knowing so much and obsessing about the royal family is in part fueled by the media and how Princess Diana still has a presence among them even after she has passed. The media factor is the main reason I feel Americans obsess over them because we thrive on minimal details of things and how they are presented as a happy picture ready family.