The Lion's Roar

L'Oreal Williams and Darnell Butler Jr. were awarded the 2021 Outstanding Woman and Man of the Year awards at the 40th annual DSA Student Awards Convocation.

DSA Convocation celebrates 40 years of student appreciation

Hannah Juneau, Staff Reporter April 28, 2021

In 40 years, the university has not missed an opportunity to honor and celebrate its students at the Division for Student Affairs Awards Convocation. On April 27, the DSA Convocation awarded many students...

Jessica Litolff, outstanding woman of the year. Joshua Ballard, outstanding man of the year. Austin Noel, recipient of the Heart of a Lion award. Roshmina Thapa, David Wares Outstanding International Student of the Year.

Student leaders honored despite separation

Dylan Meche and Elana Guillory May 14, 2020

To supplement the traditional Division for Student Affairs Convocation Awards ceremony originally scheduled for April 28, DSA hosted the Virtual Student Recognition Week from April 27-30. DSA announced...

Fawaz Adesina, a 2019 alumnus, receives the Role Model of the Year award 2019.

DSA Convocation turned Virtual Student Recognition Week

Brynn Lundy, Staff Reporter April 17, 2020

The Division for Student Affairs is planning a virtual alternative to its annual awards ceremony to honor student leaders, faculty, staff and organizations. The 40th DSA Awards Convocation was originally...

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