The Lion's Roar

Blank leads by inspiration and compassion

Shreeja Bhatt, Shreya Bhatt, Xuyen Nguyen and Clarissa Smith, senior chemistry majors, talk to Chelsey Blank, Miss Southeastern Louisiana University. In her leadership position, Blank tries to be a role model for others on campus.

Zachary Araki, Assistant Editor

May 13, 2019

Years of experience prepared Chelsey Blank, Miss Southeastern Louisiana University, to be an influence for other students. Though Blank grew into the leadership role, she did not abandon every childhood whimsy. “As I’ve grown up, I kept the young, silly part about me thriving, but I’ve still matured, and I ...

Conference leading the way

Claudio Franc explains what “EvolveU” is to students potentially interested in participating in the leadership conference for high school students.

Erica Welter, Staff Reporter

February 19, 2019

The university invites students from Louisiana and surrounding areas for a one-day high school leadership conference. Sophomores, juniors and seniors can participate in “EvolveU” to improve their leadership skills. “The objective of the conference is to train and develop high school students to be pro...