Conference leading the way


Shaelyn Martinez/The Lion’s Roar

Claudio Franc explains what “EvolveU” is to students potentially interested in participating in the leadership conference for high school students.

The university invites students from Louisiana and surrounding areas for a one-day high school leadership conference. Sophomores, juniors and seniors can participate in “EvolveU” to improve their leadership skills.

“The objective of the conference is to train and develop high school students to be productive leaders at their high school and in their community,” said Marjorie Parker, multicultural and international student affairs coordinator and conference chair.

According to the university website, “Participants will have the opportunity to explore various aspects of leadership, meet other student leaders, and learn about and discuss leadership roles alongside Southeastern students, staff and faculty.”

The event includes presentations, breakout sessions and discussions. Presenters for the conference have been encouraged to model their presentations on leadership coaching, communication skills, collaboration techniques and achieving balance. Skills to be addressed include understanding the importance of goal setting and plan development, preserving the impact of direct communication, and how to effectively negotiate within a group.

Although the Office for Student Engagement hosts the event, multiple departments are involved in organizing it.

Parker recommended the conference to any high school students who want to take their leadership experience to the next level.

“We hope that students take away that leadership can be fun and engaging,” explained Parker. “We really want to highlight the Southeastern student, as they are the ones who will leave a lasting impression on the high school students, and educate them to be better leaders. We want students to remember that Southeastern left a lasting impression on their leadership journey.”

Up to 20 students and two faculty or staff members may attend from each high school. Interested students do not need a counselor’s recommendation to attend, but school staff may be contacted for follow-up on applications.

A limited number of scholarships are available to cover the cost of attendance. Students wanting to apply for a scholarship should submit an application “along with a personal statement describing financial need, extracurricular activities and your career plans, one letter of recommendation and a copy of your high school transcript indicating a minimum GPA of 2.5,” according to the university website.

The conference will be held on March 15 on campus. Participants will receive lunch, a T-shirt and giveaways. The cost to attend is $35, and the registration form is available on the university website until Feb. 22.

Parker urged high school students to register early as space is limited, and spots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.