Yoga offered for faculty and students by REC


Along with “Silver Sneakers,” “Barre” and “Zumba,” the Pennington Student Activity Center is also hosting a group fitness course called “Yoga Flow.”

“Yoga Flow” is one of the 11 group fitness courses offered this semester.

Julia Wallace, instructor of “Yoga Flow,” explained what the class entails and what students should expect when taking the course.

“’Yoga Flow’ is a Vinyasa style class developing flexibility in balance, integrating breath into every movement,” shared Wallace. “Expect a flow of sun salutations that will increase heart rate, develop strength, and improve balance. ‘Yoga Flow’ is designed for all fitness levels.”

Wallace started teaching yoga at North Cypress. She took yoga classes for several years before getting certified to teach. She has been teaching for five years now.

The yoga instructor shared her experience teaching her first course.

“My first time teaching yoga was at North Cypress Fitness Center, and I was not quite prepared even though I had taken years of yoga classes prior to that point,” said Wallace. “I was very nervous. But with practice comes polish, and you learn to overcome fears, and sometimes you just go with the flow with the class.”

Wallace loves teaching and also embraces the challenges that comes while teaching.

“Several things I love about teaching yoga is that I get to do the class along with everyone else,” stated Wallace. “It is a challenge for me to develop and create new and exciting yoga classes that are different every time you step into the studio. I also like the social aspect of being in a class, seeing familiar faces, getting to know the people that are usually of all ages and just sharing some life experiences.”

Wallace feels that she is still a student of yoga herself and hopes to improve her knowledge of yoga.

“I am always learning new things and new modifications,” said Wallace. “The movement in the breath that you hear in class is not something you can experience through a YouTube video. The energy in class is awesome. You might walk into the yoga studio feeling low or stressed out and by the time you walk out, you’re a brand new invigorated lively person.”

Jason Templet, a coordinator of competitive sports, explained what he thinks the benefits are for “Yoga Flow.”

“There are so many benefits that this course offers to anyone who participates,” stated Templet. “Yoga is a full-body workout that really helps the body as a whole. While stretching out your core, it also helps with your cardio in working out your heart.”

Templet shared why he feels the course is one of the best the activity center has to offer.

“It’s a class that draws everyone’s attention,” shared Templet. “Everyone enjoys ‘Yoga Flow’ because of the instructor Julia. She’s a good teacher that drives everyone to do their best.”

“Yoga Flow” is taught every Tuesday and Thursday night from 6:30-7:20 p.m. and Saturday from 11-11:50 p.m. in Room 225 at the Pennington Student Activity Center.