Brews Arts Fest returns for tenth year


Gerard Borne/The Lion’s Roar

During the Brews Arts Festival, attendees can sample local brewery’s finest craft beer. Breweries like Gnarley Barley, Bayou Teche Brewing, Southern Craft Brewing and Tin Roof Brewing Company among others are expected to participate.

The 10th annual Brews Art Festival will be organized on Sept. 27 from 5-9 p.m.

Local breweries around Hammond will be sampling some of their finest craft beers in an event organized by the Hammond Regional Arts Center.

Tara Bennett, media coordinator for HRAC, described the history of the Brews Art Festival and what the event entails.

“Brews Arts Festival is a signature Hammond Regional Arts Center event that began in 2010,” shared Bennett. “The Brews Arts Festival is designed to support HRAC’s important work in the community while promoting an appreciation of craft beer.”

Bennett mentioned all of the local breweries that will be participating in the Brews Festival and some changes that were made in the past year to the festival.

“Beginning in 2018, the focus of Brews Arts Festival has shifted to focus primarily on local breweries,” said Bennett. “These breweries are Gnarley Barley Brewing Company, Bayou Teche Brewing, Southern Craft Brewing Company, Tin Roof Brewing Company, Urban South Brewery, Great Raft Brewing, Port Orleans Brewing Company, Parish Brewing Company, and Low Road Brewing.”

Breweries try to present their highest quality work to attendees.

“A lot of the compliments we get about the festival always centers on its quality because the HRAC focuses on bringing the best experience to its attendees every year,” explained Bennett. “Not only that but our patrons also enjoy the quantity. One year I had a patron tell me he thought we were the best brew festival compared to others because his glass was never empty. Anyone who enjoys having a good time can look forward to Brews Arts Festival. There are always new brews they may have never tried before. And with the demonstrations, vendors, food pairings and music, it’s a very good time for a Friday night.”

Ben Bell, an instructor of library science, thinks the Brews Art Festival gives an opportunity to experience local culture.

“There are so many benefits this festival has to offer,” shared Bell. “One of them is that everyone gets to experience a local festival with the local community. You are also benefiting local art and a local art center when you attend this festival, overall its an amazing event. There is local food this festival has to offer which is absolutely amazing. There is also great local craft beer and overall it is a really good event for the Hammond Regional Arts Center.”

Bell described what his favorite aspect of the festival is.

“I love to see everyone having a good time and drinking local craft beer,” said Bell. “The community really comes together to enjoy a local festival. It is always an engaged audience that attends these events that the arts center host.”

HRAC members get a discounted ticket price of $25, ticket prices until Sept. 26 are $30 and the day of the event prices will increase to $35, for more information regarding this event visit HRAC’s website.