Campus Activities Board recruits volunteers

The Campus Activities Board organized an interest meeting for students to gather information about the organization.

“CAB and Chill” was held on Jan. 29 at 5 p.m. where students inquired about the university’s activity planning board.

Nicole Redmond, student membership manager of CAB, explained the purpose of the interest meeting.

“Basically, we designed this event just to get some people interested in joining our committee,” said Redmond. “Since we plan such large events, and there’s only nine of who work for Campus Advisory Board, we can’t do it without them. So, we really want to have this event where we can break down what goes into making an event and hopefully get them interested in different aspects of it and wanting to be a part of making our campus awesome.”

Redmond was pleased to see new students attending the interest meeting.

“Last year I had about 40 really, really active committee members, and today, I saw people’s faces that I have never before,” shared Redmond. “So, it makes me really happy and hopeful that I’ll have more people interested in CAB and more people coming out and helping with our events.”

Cher Siebenkittle, a sophomore mathematics major, signed up as a CAB volunteer.

“We came here last semester, but coming here again is pretty nice,” said Siebenkittle. “The music was good.”

Siebenkittle advised new CAB volunteers to help in whatever ways they can.

“You don’t have to do a lot to be involved,” said Siebenkittle. “It’s really flexible to you. You just pay attention to when you can come, and you just come and do whatever you can, and whatever you can do is normally appreciated.”

For those interested in joining the CAB, more information can be found on its webpage.