A disco sparks student engagement


Diamond Hollins/The Lion's Roar

At the “Silent Disco,” students switched among three channels and DJs on their headphones. The Office for Student Engagement plans to incorporate the event into every semester to promote student involvement.

The Office for Student Engagement owned up to its name by hosting a “Silent Disco” to promote student involvement.

The disco was held on Jan. 31 from 7-11 p.m. in the Student Union Ballroom.

Arranging the event involved collaboration with the Student Government Association, Campus Activities Board and University Housing. Marjorie Parker, coordinator of multicultural and international student affairs, discussed preparation for the event.

“Setting up for this event was a lot of fun,” shared Parker. “The idea was derived from a meeting of student leaders and them discussing the opportunity for new events on campus.”

Parker explained the concept of “Silent Disco.”

“’Silent Disco’ is an event where the participants wear wireless headphones rather than listening to a speaker system,” said Parker. “You can have up to three DJs for the three channels connected to the headphones. Participants are able to turn stations on the headsets to listen to each DJ. The channels and DJs are identified by different colored lights, which are displayed on the headsets.”

Parker plans to continue to include “Silent Disco” every semester to encourage students to become engaged with events on campus.