Office of Student Engagement still looking for a director

The Office of Student Engagement is currently searching for a permanent director.

When Pam Rault, the previous director of OSE, moved to University Housing, Angela James served as an interim director of OSE for nearly a year and a half while also managing her position as director of the Office of Disability Services.

Now returning to solely handling her responsibilities in disability services, James feels the team was productive during her time in OSE.

“I think we got a lot accomplished during the time I was there,” shared James. “We opened the Tinsley Hall student area, opened the Lion Central Info Center, increased student activity, and learned how to engage all students.”

Macey Crovetto, coordinator for Greek life and student organizations, reflected on her time working with James.

“I was only here for the last six months that she was here under the director role,” explained Crovetto. “The thing I love about Angela is that she has this very welcoming personality, especially when coming into Greek life with all of these new hazing laws. I was incredibly overwhelmed, and she would tell me I was doing a great job, and she was always there for me. She was just a wonderful support system.”

Crovetto hopes the next director will carry out the OSE’s goal of engaging with students by forming relationships with students.

“The better you know your students, the more able you are to serve them,” said Crovetto. “So, as far as looking for a director, that’s something that we’re prioritizing, someone that’s on the ground with the students, making sure that we’re doing everything to provide you all with what it is you want because that is our job, to make sure that you guys feel like you have a reason to be involved with Southeastern and we are giving you all of the tools and resources to find different ways to get involved that fit your specific interests, personality, schedule.”

Crovetto shared that the OSE office staff is a close team, so she hopes the new director will be a good fit for the operation.

“We are a really tight-knit team,” stated Crovetto. “We spend a lot of time together. We are friends, and we laugh together, cry together sometimes when things are getting crazy, so you really want somebody that is going to be part of that family and really commit to this team and to this university because it’s something that means a lot to all of us.”

Dr. Gabe Willis, interim dean of students, will assist the OSE in a more hands-on manner until the position is filled.

“Now that this position is vacant, Dr. Willis has stepped in and really gotten to know each one of us,” shared Crovetto. “One thing he said to me was, ‘When we hire this new director, I want to be familiar with the position and because I want to know what it’s going  to take to successfully lead this office because that’s the only way I’ll be able to choose a good candidate.’ So, he’s really stepped into that supervisory role for us, and he’s absolutely been wonderful to work with.”

The university is still searching for the perfect fit. Until then, Willis will be assisting the department and looking for ways it can better serve the university and provide students with the best opportunities.