Student-athletes admire the work ethic of pros


Gerard Borne/The Lion’s Roar

The men’s basketball team stretches to warm up before the game against Sam Houston State University. Athletes are commonly viewed as role models to both athletes and non-athletes alike.

Professional athletes help shape other athletes’ games and character.

Evan Pace, a senior catcher for the baseball team, shared how athletes can relate to professional athletes in their particular sport.

“They’ve been through what we’ve been through,” said Pace. “Most of the baseball athletes have been to college, and the fact that they were out here grinding every day like we do is pretty cool.”

Many student-athletes admire specific professional athletes because of certain qualities they exhibit during games.

“Ever since I’ve been playing baseball, Buster Posey has always been my favorite,” shared Pace. “He’s one of the best catchers out there with the way he approaches the game and how calm, cool and collected he is while still being a leader.”

Pace sets goals for himself based on Posey’s accomplishments.

“He wins championships,” stated Pace. “He’s won some in college and in the pros. His championship mindset is how he has always come around, and that’s how I want to be too.”

Brennan Breaud, a senior infielder for the baseball team, looks up to infielder Javier Baez from the Chicago Cubs for inspiration.

“He’s won his first World Series ring not too long ago, and I just like the way he plays,” expressed Breaud. “He plays hard, and he’s a big team guy. That’s kind of what we preach around here.”

Moses Greenwood, a senior forward for the men’s basketball team, gets his inspiration from pro athletes and what they offer on and off the court.

“My favorite professional players are Blake Griffin because of how dominant he is and Kawhi Leonard because of how he impacts the game on both ends,” shared Greenwood. “It’s not always about basketball. You can be inspired by them by what they do off the court and their charities.”

Connor Wilson, junior golf player, aspires to model his craft and attitude based on the professional athletes that he respects the most.

“For golf purposes, I like to look up to Tiger Woods,” said Wilson. “He’s set the bar for being an elite athlete. As a person, I like to look up to Drew Brees. He’s done a lot for New Orleans and the community, and he’s a great person to look up to for motivation.”

Wilson discussed why he feels anyone can be inspired by professional athletes.

“They set the standard for all amateur athletes,” explained Wilson. “They set a bar, which allows someone to try to match what they do on a daily basis. It sort of gives us the motivation to be like them.

While professional athletes may motivate numerous people, their fame and success sometimes come with a price.

“Being an athlete, you always have the spotlight on you,” said Wilson. “You have to watch everything you say because the things you say, people will pick up on. It can be for good or bad.”

Breaud commented on why professional athletes help him look forward to his future.

“It’s good to look at other guys who are at their level,” stated Breaud. “They made it that far, so they have obviously been there for a reason. Taking experiences and seeing what they do on a day-to-day basis makes me hope to play at the next level one day.”