Davis committed to leadership and community


File Photo/The Lion’s Roar

Richard Davis Jr., president of the Student Government Association, rides in the Homecoming Parade. Beyond pushing for initiatives and programs, Davis makes a visible presence on campus as student body representative. Through his experience in the position, he is now considering a career in higher education student affairs.

Originally, Student Government Association President Richard Davis Jr. did not wish to become involved on campus.

“My older sister, who was an orientation leader, encouraged me to sign up for SGA’s Leadership Development program, Leadership Council at the time,” shared Davis. “When I joined, I immediately fell in love with student government and the amazing impact that I was able to have on other students. As I progressed in my leadership journey, the role of student body president really became something that I grew an affection for.”

Davis was born in New Orleans and grew up in Slidell. He decided to attend the alma mater of his three older sisters to continue the family legacy..

Davis shared how he uses leadership to motivate people and accomplish goals.

“I implement this by having integrity in everything that I do,” said Davis. “To me, that is the fundamental value of leadership.”

Though Davis encountered numerous roadblocks along the way to attaining his goals, he cited a fear of public speaking as the biggest one.

“I used to always freeze up and get very nervous when it came to speaking to a large crowd,” stated Davis. “However, since I have become president, I find it much easier to speak to large groups of people and share my story.”

Cedric Dent Jr., SGA chief of staff, met Davis when they worked as orientation leaders. He believes Davis’ leadership capabilities show in his actions.

“Just from observing and being on his cabinet, he is definitely putting all his leadership abilities to use,” explained Dent. “He meets with faculty mostly every day. He not only works with students. He works with faculty, staff. Just seeing how he’s being Student Government Association is incredible. From his vice president term to his president term, he definitely grew a lot, and he’s been leading SGA very well.”

Davis, a senior middle school education major, shared his plans for after graduation.

“Since becoming student body president, I have been strongly interested in pursuing a career in student affairs in higher education,” said Davis. “With that being said, upon graduation, I plan to pursue my master’s degree either at Louisiana State University or Texas A&M University.”

Hendrick Foster, a senior health and physical education major, met Davis through their fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha, Inc. He found Davis to be a tenacious person focused on his academics and helping people.

“He always has a plan, just come up with something new – whether it’s coming up with the Greek plots that we plan on trying to get installed on campus or just initiatives to get events,” expressed Foster.

Dent described Davis as a genuine, caring individual.

“Whatever concerns you may have, he’s always available to address those concerns,” shared Dent. “He’s always willing to go the extra mile.”

Beyond his responsibilities as a campus leader, Davis loves to give back to the community.

“Outside of school and student government, I love to pursue different service opportunities,” said Davis. “My fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha, puts me at a great advantage because service is one of our core values. Being around my brothers, and giving back really fuels me and motivates me to work harder in everything that I do.”