Raising money for the Festival of Colors


Maiah Woodring/The Lion's Roar

Students stopped by the Nepalese Student Association’s table to get henna tattoos. The event raised money for the annual Holi celebration.

The Nepalese Student Association brought a cultural art to the Student Union Breezeway to raise money for the annual Holi celebration, or Festival of Colors.

For a minimum $5 price, students could stop by and get a tattoo from 11:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The design, made traditionally from the dye of a henna plant, is supposed to last for about two weeks. Shrestha discussed a traditional use of henna.

Pawan Shrestha, president of the Nepalese Student Association explained, “Usually, it’s done in the marriages for the ceremonies, and it’s usually for the bride and the bridesmaid, and they put it on the hand, and they put the name of the bridegroom, and they have this sort of belief that if the henna is darker and lasts long, like the groom’s name, then their bond is going to be stronger.”

Phyllis Lee, a freshman nursing major, got a tattoo to show support and shared her experience.

“It just feel like something wet like a really wet pen,” stated Lee.

Shrestha invites anyone who is interested to attend the annual Holi celebration.