Learn about financial aid


Zachary Araki/The Lion's Roar

Jacob Rester, financial aid counselor, presents information about financial aid for financial aid awareness month in the Student Union Theatre. At the event, students could meet the financial aid counselors and ask questions about getting or maintaining financial aid.

Keeping up with financial aid awareness month, the Office of Financial Aid clarified concerns about getting and maintaining financial aid.

At “Financial Aid Awareness” in the Student Union Theatre on Feb. 28 at 9 a.m., financial aid counselors presented information about financial aid and answered some questions.

For Jabari Cyprian, a freshman occupational safety, health and environment major, the session encouraged him to take financial aid and classes more seriously.

“I wanted to make sure I’m ahead of my financial aid and clear up any questions and concerns I had just to be sure and safe and stay ahead of the game,” said Cyprian.

Sophie Dagro, assistant director of information systems and veterans services, discussed the office’s reason for hosting the event.

“It was our hope that during financial aid awareness month we can focus on our student population and their needs,” shared Dagro. “Our office wants to ensure that current students have completed the FAFSA, reiterate the process of financial aid and need-to-know facts as well as the requirements needed to maintain TOPS and scholarships.”