Changes to volleyball tournament affected location and outcome


Jacob Summerville

During the championship match, Alpha Omicron Pi Team B attempts to return the volley. Their team won the game against Sigma Sigma Sigma Team A.

Greek Week’s first event was moved out from Greek Village, a situation that led four teams to take the top three positions.

Because of weather conditions, the “Greek Week Volleyball Tournament” was held on March 31 at 1 p.m. in the Pennington Student Activity Center.

Gabrielle Reynolds, membership director or Order of Omega, explained how the setting change impacted the original schedule.

“We had ‘Food Wars’ scheduled at 3:30,” discussed Reynolds. “We’ve have double elimination scheduled originally in the rules, but due to our time crunch of 3:30 and Southeastern having ‘Chef’s Evening’ and some Greek organizations are participating in that, we had to change the rules from double elimination to single elimination.”

As a result, games were played either until a team scored 25 points or until the 15-minute mark so that the tournament could fit into the schedule.

Since the tournament was single elimination, there was a tie for third place between Sigma Sigma Sigma Team B and Alpha Omicron Pi Team A, earning both teams one point.

In the championship match, Alpha Omicron Pi Team B won against Sigma Sigma Sigma Team A 26-24, giving the teams three and five points, respectively.

Kappa Sigma member Tyron McLemore, a teammate on Alpha Omicron Pi Team B, explained that the opposing team made the game close.

“However, we won the championship: Kappa Sigma, Alpha Phi Alpha, Omega Psi Phi and AOP,” said McLemore. “We came out with one goal, and it was to win.”

McLemore shared that the victory sets the mood for the rest of Greek Week because they are at the top of the tournament.

McLemore explained, “There’s no road blocks or anything that would make us stop from where we’re going – keep that same energy throughout the whole week.”