Get ready for an art and music spectacular

The Artrageous performance will arrive at the Columbia Theatre for the Performing Arts on April 6 at 7:30 p.m.

Courtesy of Artrageous

The “Artrageous” performance will arrive at the Columbia Theatre for the Performing Arts on April 6 at 7:30 p.m.

The Columbia Theatre for the Performing Arts is hosting “Artrageous” for the community to enjoy a live art and musical experience.

“Artrageous” will be held on April 6 at 7:30 p.m.

Roy Blackwood, executive director of the Columbia Theatre, discussed what viewers should expect to see from the art show.

“‘Artrageous’ is like Blue Man Group meets the Beatles,” shared Blackwood. “There’s going to be music and dancing. It’s all choreographed, and they’re actually going to be painting on the stage at the same time. By the time they get done, they will have done several complete paintings during the performance that night.”

The theater uses various marketing tools to bring public attention to the performance.

“One is the traditional method, such as fliers and print media like newspapers and billboards, but we also incorporate social media,” stated Blackwood. “We’ll do a Facebook blast. We’ll send out to a vast email list that anyone is welcome to join. I also advertise by radio every first Wednesday of the month.”

Blackwood explained the process of finding shows like “Artrageous.”

“We do five performances every season,” said Blackwood. “One of these kinds of performances are main stage performances like ‘Artrageous.’ With main stage performances like this, we contract with agents to bring in these acts, usually from New York, sometimes from Chicago and LA and other well known venues. We buy the show. I make the selection and negotiate the contract, and we negotiate for the advertising.”

Beanie Stansbury, administrative coordinator for the Columbia Theatre, looks forward to helping put on an inspirational show like “Artrageous.”

“I studied music all my life,” shared Stansbury. “So, I’ve always been involved with the arts. I always love talking to the people that come and just being a part of the theatre scene.”

The Columbia Theatre works to make sure each show is an overwhelming success.

“Whatever the event is, we work with those people either as a producer or co-producer to make sure that the quality is where it needs to be,” said Blackwood. “We want performers to understand that when they come to the Columbia Theatre, they will always have a professional level performance, and we ensure that.”

Blackwood hopes that hosting “Artrageous” leads to a respectable turnout.

“We’re looking forward to this appealing to the college-age crowd,” stated Blackwood. “That evening, we’re really hoping to have a large crowd from the campus. Even though it’s a Saturday evening, there will still be a lot of students who stay in town. It will be very high-energy, and young people are going to love it.”