“Spongebob A” not thrown off guard

Members of Kappa Sigma participate in the Dodgeball Tournament.

Jacob Summerville

Members of Kappa Sigma participate in the Dodgeball Tournament.

Another Greek team caught a victory tonight.

The Greek Week Dodgeball Tournament was held on April 1 at 6 p.m. in the Pennington Student Activity Center. Each match consisted of two teams, which were named after a certain cartoon character, competing for the best two-out-of-three-game record.

Reid Lambert, a member of Sigma Tau Gamma, shared that although his team did not advance far in the competition, he still enjoyed the event’s atmosphere.

“We didn’t get up very strong, but overall, it’s a really fun time,” said Lambert. “Everyone gets to come out, join together have a good time. It’s competitive, but at the end of the day, it’s just Greek life – it’s fun.”

Team “Spongebob B” beat team “Fairly OddParents A” in the third place match.

The finals match was between team “Spongebob A” and team “Fairly OddParents B,” where “Spongebob A” came out the victor.

Hugo Lujano, a member of Delta Tau Delta, was proud of his fraternity brothers on team “Spongebob A.”

“I’m proud of my fraternity that they won, really because of the sportsmanship that they displayed today and the fact that they kept their heads up,” shared Lujano.

Johannes Verhaegh, member of Delta Tau Delta and team member of “Spongebob A,” expressed thanks to his teammates and looks forward to the remainder of the week.

“We just wanted to have fun, and we had really good girls on our team,” explained Verhaegh. “Sigma’s been great and AKA. It’s nice to win, and hopefully we win a few more events.”