Dating trends shift to a more modern approach


Shaelyn Martinez /The Lion’s Roar

Dating trends have shifted because of the impact that social media plays in relationships. Students tend to use their time on media outlets like Tinder and Bumble to find a someone special.

Dating trends change continuously with time. From being a formal experience, these trends have has changed to casual experiences like “hooking up.”

Some trends such as “ghosting,” however, may be confusing, and may not lead to an easy commitment.

Margaret Price, a sophomore family and consumer sciences major, believes being on the same page with someone is critical to a relationship.

“One thing that can impact this would be morals,” shared Price. “This can make it confusing because if you do not have the same morals, you won’t be on the same page.”

Jade Doherty, a freshman kinesiology major, discussed how she felt about the “talking” stage of dating.

“Talking is a good thing because you are able to get to know somebody but just not for long periods of time,” said Doherty. “But at the same time, I feel like if you don’t talk for long enough, you’re kind of stuck in something, so I think it’s good. I kind of like it.”

David Lanzetta, a freshman business administration major, explained why he disagrees with “ghosting” someone.

“I don’t like it because it’s wrong to lead people on and then just drop them without saying something like, ‘I’m not into you,’” stated Lanzetta. “I think you should have the courtesy to say that.”

Lanzetta discussed a problem he experienced with dating.

“Dating can be confusing because it’s just hard to find the perfect person without getting yourself hurt over and over again,” shared Lanzetta.

Coming to college may also teach someone new things about dating.

Price said, “Coming to college affects relationships because there is a lot more freedom, and I think that people tend to go their different ways when they are introduced to this.”

While the college environment can offer more freedom, D’Marcus Hills, a sophomore psychology major, believes it also has drawbacks.

“You’re always seeing people on campus that you may have talked to or may have gotten their number and something went down,” expressed Hills. “So, that can be kind of awkward when coming to college.”

Hills finds rules about messaging to be confusing.

“Dating can be confusing because of the double text rule, the ‘How long you should wait to reply’ rule, or even if you should text or call a girl after you get their number because I think they prefer if you don’t,” said Hills.

Despite the confusion that modern dating can cause, dating trends can challenge ideals or provide lessons.

“It’s important to not lose yourself in it, and to not throw yourself in it, most importantly to keep your friends first,” said Price.

Lanzetta believes dating trends differ according to person.

“It works person to person, and dating trends are different for each person you meet, and you have to be able to find the right one,” explained Lanzetta.