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With social distancing guidelines, many couples had to adjust their dating styles.

Dating during a pandemic

Gabrielle Wood, Staff Reporter August 19, 2020

Many aspects of life have been altered due to the coronavirus, and for multiple students, that has included their dating lives. With restrictions and social distancing guidelines in place, couples have...

NAACP hosts a panel that discusses relationships

NAACP hosts a panel that discusses relationships

Briyana Anderson, Staff Reporter November 19, 2019

Talking, dating, boyfriend/girlfriend relations, cheating and sexual relations were all addressed by a panel of students yesterday evening. The university chapter of NAACP hosted “Battle of the Sexes”...

Open relationships breed disloyalty, damages our society

Open relationships breed disloyalty, damages our society

Dylan Meche , Staff Reporter October 19, 2019

Dating has always been a confusing and complicated world. A recent trend that has emerged and began to gain more popularity in the world of dating is open relationships. Open relationships are when...

One way that students can meet new people and create relationships is through tailgates at university home games. Dating in college and after graduation can raise differences, but attending social events can bring people of all backgrounds together.

How dating transfers to an adult lifestyle

Shaelyn Martinez, Staff Reporter April 9, 2019

Looking from the inside, dating in college may seem comparatively easier than dating after graduation. While some people feel that it is comparatively easier to meet people in college, others may not...

Problems in 21st-century relationships

Problems in 21st-century relationships

Shaelyn Martinez , Staff Reporter April 2, 2019

“I really just can’t believe he left me on read.” “She hasn’t talked to me in the past few days. She’s not into me anymore.” “If he is not going to answer my Snapchat then I guess I am...

Carlisle Koestler, a senior pitcher, and Jenna Bordelon, a junior nursing major, pose for a picture in Friendship Circle. They   began dating about two years ago and have managed the time commitments of athletics.

Dating takes a page from the playbook

Zachary Araki, Assistant Editor April 2, 2019

Beyond balancing academics and sports, athletes’ schedules can find room for managing a social life, including dating. Anna Watkins, a senior psychology major, met Cole Stevens, a senior chemistry major...

 Dating trends have shifted because of the impact that social media plays in relationships. Students tend to use their time on media outlets like Tinder and Bumble to find a someone special.

Dating trends shift to a more modern approach

Shaelyn Martinez, Staff Reporter April 2, 2019

Dating trends change continuously with time. From being a formal experience, these trends have has changed to casual experiences like “hooking up.” Some trends such as “ghosting,” however, may...

Dates for the indecisive and frugal

Dates for the indecisive and frugal

Jacob Summerville , Staff Reporter February 12, 2019

Yes, lover season is here, and couples everywhere are scrambling to make reservations at a steakhouse, buy the largest box of chocolates, and remember that they are behind on rent. For most college students,...

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