NAACP hosts a panel that discusses relationships


Talking, dating, boyfriend/girlfriend relations, cheating and sexual relations were all addressed by a panel of students yesterday evening.

The university chapter of NAACP hosted “Battle of the Sexes” on Nov. 18. The event involved an open forum on the stages of relationships with the many concerns and hot topics involving interactions.

After the panel answered questions on the given topic, the audience had the chance to give their opinions.

Questions ranged from ‘What is your definition of talking?’ to ‘What is the best time to let your partner meet your parents?’ to ‘Would you expect the person who asked you out on a date to pay for the meals?’

Jared Grier, one of the student hosts of the panel, described his time at the event.

“I had a really good experience today,” said Grier. “I feel like there was a lot of great topics discussed with the panel with real life situations. We got good reactions out of people.”

Grier discussed the overall presence of the panel.

“Overall I feel good about it,” said Grier. “It was good energy. People were interactive, and it was a good vibe.”

The panel had many controversial questions and topics that were discussed among the audience to get the conversation going.

Grier expressed how he would do the event again. 

“I knew it was going to be a fun experience and we got everybody engaged and involved,” said Grier. “It was controversial questions and the reaction of the people were great. That was my goal coming in.”

The NAACP will host events throughout the week of Nov.18 – 22 pertaining to dating and relationships, including “On A Date Kind of Nervous” party on Nov. 20 and a tabling event on Nov. 22.