UPD to teach RAD class

The University Police Department’s Office of Community Education provides educational classes for the community to help prevent dangerous scenarios.

One of these classes is the Rape Aggression Defense System program, which is designed to educate women on how to defend themselves in situations involving sexual assault.

According to the university website, the class includes awareness, prevention, risk reduction and progression to the basics of hands-on defense training.

Sgt. William Smith, a certified RAD instructor since fall 2014, explained that the UPD tries to have one class each semester and keep the class’ location confidential for student safety.

“It’s on campus, but what we do is we keep the ladies in mind that may have been through sexual assault or dating violence or even someone who may be in an actual abusive relationship,” said Smith. “So, we do not let anyone know where the class is going to be on campus except the attendees a week before. We do this to keep things very confidential.”

Students can sign up for the RAD classes online by sending an email to UPD or [email protected]

“In the information, include your name, W number and phone number,” informed Smith. “The process is a first come, first serve, and we like to offer this to our ladies on campus, students specifically first.”

Everyone who sends an email will be asked to give confirmation a week before the event occurs.

Smith believes the classes are beneficial and suggested women take the class.

“I had a lot of ladies come to the class who said their confidence has grown by leaps and bounds,” shared Smith. “I also have had ladies come through because they never had any physical altercation from it and women who have opened their mindset to a more defensive mindset.”

RAD classes will be held on April 13-14. Admission for university students and faculty is free. The fee for non-students is $25.