Remodeling a hidden treasure


File Photo/The Lion’s Roar

In the northeast corner of the kinesiology building, a pool is used for swim classes. Students are allowed to use the pool during their open hours when classes are not in session as well. The pool will be closed for two weeks during the summer for remodeling and resurfacing.

The Kinesiology Pool is currently closed for remodeling, which will entail a resurfacing of the floors and overhaul of the locker room.

The remodeling is projected to last from Monday, May 13 until Monday, May 27.

Dr. Bing Athey, aquatics director, anticipates reopening of the pool after Memorial Day.

“Our deck’s old, and I’ve been here for 18 years, and we did it one time,” said Athey. “So, we’re gonna redo it, clean it all up and make it safer, more non-slippery, and we’re gonna do the locker room as well.”

Athey discussed the necessity for the project.

“When you have so many chemicals and body oils build up, it can be slippery,” said Athey. “So, we’re gonna have this special company come totally clean up and resurface. It’ll look nice.”

The pool will remain open all summer. Lifeguard Matthew Roberts encouraged students to make use of the free swim times, which are included with membership to the Pennington Recreation Center.

“The pool is open and free to use for students, it’s indoor, heated and swimming is always a great way to stay in shape,” explained Roberts. “There is always a lifeguard on duty, so you don’t have to worry if you are a strong swimmer or not. Also, Southeastern offers beginning swim courses, where Dr. Athey teaches students how to swim and I, 100%, recommend it.”

In addition to introductory swimming classes, courses offered at the university pool include swimming for fitness, a certified lifeguarding course, and the most recent addition, aqua fitness.

Athey proposed a guide to the classes offered.

“Anybody who wants to get fit, they can take swimming fitness,” shared Athey. “Anybody who wants to learn how to swim, take the beginning swimming, and everybody who wants to work out in the pool and not a swimmer, aqua fitness is perfect.”

Roberts talked about a local rumor involving the pool.

“It is supposed to be an 25 meter Olympic size swimming pool, but it is a couple inches short of 25 meters due to the way it was built,” said Roberts. “There is a lot of theories why the pool was built a couple inches shorter, and my favorite one is that a rival school payed the contractors to do it on purpose, so that Southeastern wouldn’t be able to have a proper swim team and use the pool for swim meets.”

Even with decades of history and the rumors that correspond, Athey finds that the Kinesiology Pool is often forgotten.

“There is a pool at Southeastern,” said Athey, “A lot of students don’t know. Yes, there is a pool in the kinesiology building. It’s a hidden treasure. Come take advantage of it. Take the classes. Learn how to swim.”