Student-athletes reflect on their time as Lions


Johnathan Zeringue/The Lion’s Roar

Kyle Schimpf, a senior infielder, works with one of the assistant coaches during practice. Schimpf, like many other graduating seniors, has made memories at the university during his time as a student athlete.

Graduating student-athletes will not only take a diploma after graduation but also memories from past years.

Kyle Schimpf, a senior infielder, has enjoyed his time being a part of the baseball team over the years.

“I think my favorite memory as being a part of Lion’s baseball was when Cody Grosse, last year, hit a walk-off single against Stephen F. Austin,” shared Schimpf. “It just showed how much we grind and how much we’re into the game no matter what the score is. No matter what the outcome is, we’re always in it together.”

For other senior athletes, the competitive drive for their sport led to their favorite moments as a part of the team.

“It was my freshman year and making a regional,” said Corey Gaconi, a senior pitcher for the baseball team. “I was just coming straight out of high school and having the opportunity to go play for a national championship and being in a regional in Baton Rouge was a great feeling.”

According to Jaquelyn Ramon, a senior infielder on the softball team, her overall experience of attending the university in the first place is what she remembers most.

“The best memory I have is me committing here and following my coach,” stated Ramon. “The people that I’ve met has definitely changed the way I look at life as I’ll miss being on the team and coming out every day to take the field. I’ll also definitely miss Coach Fremin.”

In addition, Ramon’s individual achievement and success on the field is another defining moment of her time here.

“My sophomore year, we played against Southern at home, and I broke the school record for steals,” shared Ramon. “This year, holding on to being number one in stolen bases in the nation is also definitely a memory I will always remember.”

Native of Sweden, Sofia Olsson, a senior defender for women’s soccer, shared that creating lifelong friendships with her teammates was one of her favorite memories at the university.

“Most of us moved from far away,” explained Olsson. “We’re the only ones we have here. Being far away from my home, they’ve been my second family, and I’m for sure going to miss going to La Carreta’s or Eddie’s Custard with them.”

Olsson is also appreciative of the many firsthand experiences she experienced while meeting with supportive fans.

“I have seen so many people around on campus who supported us and the athletic department,” stated Olsson. “You have a lot of people that believe in you, even people you might not know. I’ve had people come up to me at the games and call me by name, and I had no clue who they were. People from the outside truly care for the players and the teams at Southeastern.”

Gaconi reflected on various aspects that has shaped his character while attending the university.

“The program has done a great job forming us into men and teaching us life lessons,” said Gaconi. “Being a part of athletics, I learned time management, responsibility and accountability. I think that will help me a lot and make be very successful as I grow old.”

Schimpf hopes that the returning and future student-athletes remember to make the most out of their time at the university.

“Athletics, especially here at Southeastern, has taught me to be a better man, teammate and a person as a whole,” shared Schimpf. “At the end of the day, it’s all about how you make it. For the players incoming or returning, keep grinding and cherish every moment of it because it goes by fast.”