New year, new presidency


Jacob Summerville/The Lion’s Roar

In her role as SGA President, Karley Bordelon, a senior education major, attended Strawberry Jam this year as an emcee. Bordelon hopes to use her new role as president to improve upon traditional events and work with her cabinet to provide a productive and fun environment for the student body.

Karley Bordelon, a senior social education major, officially took her pledge as the 2019-2020 Student Government Association president during the DSA Awards Convocation on May 7, 2019.

Bordelon ran for the president as the position would allow her to help people.

“I decided to run for SGA President because I wanted to give back to this university and help new students become leaders, like past SGA Presidents did for me,” explained Bordelon. “I have a passion for helping others, and knew that, alongside a great team, I could help make a real difference not only on campus, but in the community.”

Inspired by her experience of being a part of student council in high school, Bordelon joined SGA in her freshman year. She served as the Director of Traditions last year and had the role of planning Homecoming and “The Big Event.”

Bordelon learned leadership and organizational skills through her involvement at SGA.

“I have learned so much through SGA including how to be a servant leader, how to be more organized and professional in meetings and at events, and how to just be a better leader in every aspect of my life,” said Bordelon.

Throughout her time at the university, Bordelon has been involved with several organizations in addition to SGA.

“I have been involved with the Honor’s Program, the Honor’s Club, ExCEL Leadership Scholars, a 2018-2019 DSA Ambassadors, a 2018 Orientation Leader, a member of the Tangipahoa Professional Women’s Organization, Order of Omega, and I am a member of the EvolveU Committee” said Bordelon. “I also really enjoy outdoor activities and singing.”

Growing up, Bordelon was engrossed in the university’s culture and events.

“Southeastern has always just been a comfortable, homey place for me,” explained Bordelon. “Both my grandparents and my mother worked at Southeastern and are alumni. So, I grew up attending Southeastern events. I absolutely love the class size here at Southeastern. Being a member of the Honor’s Program has made all the difference in my academic career, as I really have received one-on-one attention from all my professors.”

Bordelon shared her plans for the upcoming school year.

“Some of these plans include our 2019 Homecoming Week events, new weekend programming before home football games, Lion 2 Lion Mentee Socials, new and exciting topics for ‘Free Speech Alley,’ and so much more,” explained Bordelon.

Bordelon is excited to work with the cabinet to make the year successful for SGA.

“They are all dedicated and excited to whip up some fun and informative events for all our students,” said Bordelon.

In addition to all of her big plans, she communicated that it is important for students to set goals for themselves in order to have a successful semester.

“Setting goals will not only help you stay on task, but it will help you stay motivated and balance your work better,” shared Bordelon. “I really believe that every student on this campus can be successful, and I want to do everything I can to make sure they have the proper resources to achieve their goals, and have fun at Southeastern, while doing it.”