Pennington offers ‘Silver Sneakers’ class to community


Recreational Sports and Wellness offers multiple group fitness classes six days a week in the Pennington Student Activity Center that is free for students.

One of these group fitness classes is “Silver Sneakers” a course designed for elderly men and women to stay active and meet new people while being healthy.

According to Jason Templet, coordinator of competitive sports at Recreational Sports and Wellness, classes are held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10-10:55 a.m. in room 228 at the Pennington Student Activity Center.

The classes has been taught in the university since 2009.

“Anyone who is a member at the REC are allowed to take the class,” said Templet. “The target market and priority for ‘Silver Sneakers’ goes to the members that are ages 65 and older. There is currently no sign up, you are able to show up to a class and enjoy. Rarely do students participate, but we do have a few alumni that enjoy the class.”

Rissie Cook, instructor of “Silver Sneakers”, has been teaching since 2009.

“My first year was as a volunteer while I fulfilled the requirements to become a certified SilverSneakers instructor, including a national group fitness instructor certification (FiTour) and Silver Sneakers Foundations and Basics,” shared Cook. “I am also certified in Silver Sneakers Classic, Circuit, Yoga, Strength Progression, Stability, and Booster Pack classes.”

Cook, who found out about the class after joining the Pennington Student Activity Center, became an instructor after the previous instructor resigned.

“After considerable consideration, I agreed to lead the class and pursue a certification in ‘Silver Sneakers,’” said Cook. “I am glad I chose to go with the training and be an instructor because I absolutely love what I do. First and foremost is seeing and hearing how members benefit from this class. Comments from members about improvements in their conditions are heartwarming and inspiring and motivate me to continue my fitness education and watch hours of videos for new exercise ideas.”

She shared who the majority of her students are in “Silver Sneakers” and why others chose to join the class.

“Most members of the current ‘Silver Sneakers’ class include senior adults who wish to stay fit and active,” shared Cook. “ Its mainly a program for the Baby Boomer generation but anyone is welcomed to join the course. Along with the elderly students some members are recovering from knee and shoulder replacement surgeries, strokes and progressive afflictions. The class draws in a different blend of people to make it an enjoyable environment.”

Along with “Silver Sneakers” the Pennington Student Activity Center also offers 12 other group fitness courses that range from Breathing and Stretching to Weightlifting.

To learn more, visit the Recreational Sports and Wellness page to see these group fitness class schedule.