How much do students know about campus?


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Leah Cross, a senior kinesiology major and a member of Campus Activities Board, interacts with students during the “Trivia Tuesday” event.

Students’ knowledge about the university was put to the test as through sun games.

Students had the opportunity to answer a variety of different questions about the university’s history, leaders, classes and policies.

“Trivia Tuesday” was organized by the Student Government Association on Sept. 10 at the Student Union Breezeway.

Leah Cross, a senior kinesiology major and a member of CAB, explained that the purpose of the event was to get students better accustomed to the university’s policies.

“We put on ‘Trivia Tuesday’ every semester because we want to make sure students know more about their campus,” stated Cross. “Most freshmen are not familiar with the rules and regulations of the university. When it comes to parking, for example, we get a lot of parking appeals from freshmen because they do not know where they can and cannot park on campus. So, we hold this event to let them know what the rules are.”

Cross felt that students benefitted from the event.

“Some of the benefits are that it is fun for students to answer the questions and spin the wheel, they can ask questions,” said Cross. “We give away free items such as pencils, pens, t-shirts and water bottles from the Sustainability Center. It is just free initiative to come over and answer trivia questions.”

Brookelynn Rainey, a freshman nursing major, enjoyed the event.

“I think that it is pretty cool that you can spin a wheel and to get to answer different questions about the university to see what they know,” explained Rainey.

Darrian Pier, a freshman nursing major, shared about universities policies from the games.

“I learned some university policies that I did not know before, and I think it was pretty cool that I got free stuff,” said Pier.