KSLU launches new merchandise on campus


Gabrielle Wood/The Lion's Roar

KSLU radio station has started selling merchandise at the University bookstore. Currently, T-shits ranging from sizes small to XL are available for students to buys.

KSLU has started selling merchandise in the University Bookstore to help connect with their audience.

KSLU is the radio station for the university that provides hands-on experience to students interested in pursuing a career in radio, or other forms of journalism.

KSLU airs on 90.9 F.M. radio. The station reached beyond the university, and is aired in Denham Springs, Covington and Kentwood.

With increasing audience, KSLU wanted to promote and connect more with its listeners.

“KSLU is celebrating our 45th birthday on campus this year and we just want students to feel more engaged with our radio station itself,” said Rachael Beard, KSLU Underwriting/Development Representative. “We also really just want students to have the opportunity to represent KSLU and be a part of our student involvement.”

KSLU had previously designed a T-shirt that was already launched before its bookstore project, and there has been a popular demand for more since then.

“We’ve had our own t-shirts before but we wanted students to have the chance to wear our brand new merchandise, with a newly created KSLU logo as well,” explained Beard. “It’s a much more modern logo. So, it’s really appealing, and we are just so excited to be able to share that with students who want to be apart of KSLU.”

The radio station chose to sell their merchandise in the University Bookstore specifically as it felt more connected to campus.

“Originally the plan was to have a web-store for KSLU’s website and partner up with a local business, but it really just felt more personal to sell them right on Southeastern’s campus”, shared Beard. “It definitely makes it easier for students to access since the bookstore is convenient for many and a place that people also shop for clothing items.”

Currently, KSLU is only selling T-shirts with their new logo, but they are also hopeful for different kinds of styles in the near future.

“For the future, we do plan on expanding our merchandise, always having new ideas, and we would love to see growth in student engagement from our merchandise,” said Beard. “I think students and KSLU listeners would love to see different items like sweatshirts, different style T-shirts, or even jackets to wear for different seasons.”

The T-shirts are available in sizes ranging from a small to a 3XL. As of now, they only come in a solid color grey with the station’s logo across.

Beard was surprised and pleased with the outcome of the launch.

“So far we have had such an amazing response to this expansion of the station, and we are looking forward to see how it goes throughout the rest of the school year,” expressed Beard.

Beard also shared what this has meant to KSLU and how it affects them personally.

“It’s important to us that all the students here understand that we are their radio station, you don’t have to work here to be apart of KSLU,” said Beard. “Whether or not you work here, you should feel like this is your station, so having T-shirts in the bookstore just reinforces the idea that we are a part of the university.”

Students can purchase the KSLU T-shirt at the University Bookstore.