A look inside the university’s Campus Activity Board


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The Campus Activities Board hosts multiple events in campus every semester. Pictured is a performance during the event “Step Afrika” hosted by CAB.

“Gumbo Ya Ya,” “Strawberry Jubilee” and the “Haunted Trial” are just some events the Campus Activities Board hosts annually.

CAB, located on the second floor of the Student Union Breezeway, is a student-run organization under the Office for Student Engagement.

Megan Blomquist, a senior business management major and a student event manager, described opportunities CAB offers to students.

“CAB, in a nutshell, puts on multiple events for the university,” shared Bloomquist. “Besides on-campus events, we try to create a good experience, make memories and provide leadership opportunities.”

CAB works with both student-workers and volunteers.

“We have a marketing job role, a public relations job, two people over event planning, a graphic designer, an operations manager and a membership manager,” said Blomquist. “We offer a total of nine student worker jobs, and we look for students as positions open up. We have a lot of volunteers, that is looked at like an organization or club, but other than that we have our e-board which are paid positions.”

Blomquist shared what her favorite part about being a board member of CAB is.

“I am the event manager, and I like to plan and be organized,” discussed Bloomquist. “I like the whole process that goes into making an event happen. From start to finish it’s really nice to see the process unfold. You get to see all of your hard work put into something.”

CAB organizes some traditional events and some new events every year. Bloomquist  likes “Puppy Palooza” and “Kitten Yoga.”

Kaylin Lacoste, a senior accounting major, likes CAB as it provides opportunities for students to get involved.

“I like all the options CAB has to offer for Southeastern students,” commented Lacoste. “We try to have a broad range of events so each student can enjoy their time while at school. Every student feels involved when we do this so thats another reason why I love CAB.”

Lacoste was a part of a committee last year and currently works as the operations manager.

“I do all of the inventory and equipment requests for special events,” stated Lacoste. “When I was a sophomore I saw an interest meeting poster and dropped by for the meeting and signed up with CAB.”

Noilen Gonzales, a junior psychology major, described her job role as an event marketing manager.

“A typical work day for me includes going on social media and seeing our reactions, posting about our events and posting flyers around the university on the upcoming CAB events,” said Gonzales. “I also do a lot of tabling events for CAB.”

Gonzales shared what her favorite part of working for CAB is and what her favorite event is.

“I love seeing the events take place and happen,” shared Gonzales. “It’s a long process from start to finish to see everything take place from planning the events to the posts on social media so when a lot of students show up it is nice. The ‘Haunted Trial’ has to be my favorite event because it is one of the most creative things that CAB has to offer. A lot of students are very amped up about CAB and it is one of the events that we put the most thought and planning behind.”

On Oct. 2 CAB will host the Mr. Southeastern pageant in the Student Union Theatre at 6 p.m.

File Photo/The LIon’s Roar
Students participate during the “Kitten Yoga” event organized by CAB.