SGA encourages school spirit during Homecoming


Maggie Tregre/The Lion's Roar

The Student Government Association hosted a T-Shirt Swap to celebrate Homecoming Week and Lion Up Tuesday. In order to boost school spirit, SGA has decided to give away free Lion Up T-shirts one Tuesday a month starting on Oct. 8.

As part of Homecoming Week, the Student Government Association hosted the T-Shirt Swap/Spirit Hand Out. 

Kiara Goins, a junior psychology major, explained what happened at the event.

“It’s an event during homecoming that we provide where you can get a shirt, or if you have a different shirt, swap it for another one,” said Goins. “Pretty much, it’s to support our school spirit and to showcase that it’s Lion Up Tuesday and help us lions really celebrate homecoming.”

During this event, students who were not wearing green and gold were given a free “Lion Up”

T-shirt, and students who were already wearing school colors were given sunglasses. 

Lion Up Tuesdays were first implemented three years ago. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to wear green and gold to show off their school spirit every Tuesday. 

Beginning with the T-Shirt Swap, SGA now plans to give out free T-shirts once a month on a randomly selected Lion Up Tuesday.

Chelsey Blank, a senior accounting major, explained what SGA hoped to achieve through the T-Shirt Swap. 

“We started Lion Up Tuesdays so that everyone can wear green and gold on Tuesdays, and we thought it’d be a great way to kick it off during Homecoming Week,” stated Blank. “This is how that tradition’s starting, and we’re hoping that it catches on.”

Blank explained why Homecoming Week would be a good time to start the tradition. 

“Not enough people know about it,” said Blank. “This is just a way to spread the word for incoming students and old students that don’t know about it at all.”

Students and faculty can be on the lookout for more free T-shirts and other ways to showcase their school spirit during select upcoming Lion Up Tuesdays.