Freshmen honor students meet for advising


Samantha Gambino/The Lion's Roar

Dr. Claire Procopio, director of the honors program, speaks to the gathering of honors students at the Freshmen Convocation. Students learned about the requirements of the program and how to excel as an honor student.

Freshman honor students attended a convocation meeting to learn how they can stay honors eligible for Sophomore Honors Distinction and the converted Honors Diploma.

The Freshman Convocation, held on Oct. 14 and hosted by the Honors Program, was a meeting that discussed the details of the Honors Program throughout a student’s tenure at the university. 

During their senior year, students will culminate their career with an important research experience or artistic project. With the Honors Program, students will be eligible for a special tassel worn at graduation.

Dr. Claire Procopio, director of the honors program, spoke at the event and went into the steps the honor students are expected to go through to keep their honor-program status.

“My goal in providing the freshman convocation session was to make sure they have all the information they need to actively pursue Sophomore Honors Distinction and the coveted Honors Diploma,” stated Procopio. “Those distinctions are meant to formally recognized the hard work and aptitude that honor students must possess, and they are widely recognized by medical school admission boards, graduate school committees, law schools, etc. as the mark of an ambitious and talented student.”

Procopio is proud of this year’s incoming freshman honors students, as it is the largest group of students thus far.

“There are 337 new freshmen in the honors program this fall,” stated Procopio. “That’s our largest incoming freshman class of honors students ever. They have higher ACT scores and high school grade point averages than previous classes. It is a large and well-prepared group.”

Razan Qamar, a freshman chemistry major, explained that the meeting clarified the questions that he had.

“They went over the thesis and the steps on how many hours we need for everything,” said Qamar. “I’m actually interning for a professor right now, and I feel like it’s helping me get experience for graduating and doing research.”

For more information on the Honors Program, contact the Honors Office or drop by their office.