New season, new assistant coach


Courtesy of Chris Salim

Jordan Brooks, men’s basketball assistant coach.

The university men’s basketball team has welcomed a new assistant coach.

Jordan Brooks has been recruited to the team to guide players and coach from the upcoming season onwards.

Before being hired at the university, Brooks had experience coaching for high school teams and the Howard Bisons of Washington D.C.

“This is actually my third year coaching in college, but I’ve been coaching high school teams since I graduated from Hampton University in 2011,” explained Brooks. “Once I graduated from there, I got my master’s degree.”

Brooks shared that his experience with the university has been pleasant so far. He also described his additional responsibilities for the team outside coaching.

“So far, this experience has been pretty good,” shared Brooks. “My responsibilities that aren’t on the basketball court include recruiting and handling academics to make sure our athletes remain eligible to graduate.”

Brooks’ interest in coaching surfaced from the influence his father’s coaching career had on him throughout his childhood.

“My father was a coach at UNBC,” shared Brooks. “I guess it’s just running through my blood since he was a coach. It kind of rubbed off on me. I’m definitely enjoying this – it’s my passion, so it kind of doesn’t really even feel like a job to me.”

Brooks elaborated on his accomplishments and ambitions centered around his coaching career.

“My biggest accomplishment so far has been being selected to the NABC, National Association of Basketball Coaches, as one of the top 30 upcoming coaches,” shared Brooks. “My short term goal is to run a conference tournament here at Southeastern, go to the NCAA. My long term would probably be to become a head coach.”

Isiah Kirby, a freshman guard, feels that assistant coach Brooks helps him and his teammates as individuals.

“He helps us individually,” said Kirby. “He does not just focus on everybody.”

Byron Smith, a freshman guard, shared his experience so far with Brooks’ coaching.

“Coach Brooks is always in the gym with us early in the  mornings,” said Smith. “He helps us with everything on and off the court. He checks up on us regularly. He’s just a good figure for us.”

The men’s basketball team will begin the season by competing against William Carey University on Oct. 26 at the University Center.