Davis serves as SGA senate pro tempore for 2019-2020


File Photo/The Lion’s Roar

Juanesha Davis, a junior social work major.

Student Government Association has recently elected a new student leader for the position of senate pro tempore.

Juanesha Davis, a junior social work major, was  elected by the SGA senators to take over the role and responsibilities as senate pro tempore.

“I have been completely grateful for the opportunity to elevate my leadership and to be able to learn more,” expressed Davis. “I’ve been in SGA before, so I’ve been able to observe and learn about different aspects of different positions to help me see where I wanted to take my leadership. So, I feel like I was pretty much prepared. It was a smooth transition.”

The student leader described the variety of duties she will be held responsible for.

“My responsibilities throughout the meetings are: taking attendance, making sure everything is decent and in order so it flows correctly in a formal manner,” explained Davis. “Also being responsible for keeping a record of everything that goes on in the meetings to verify that everything is abided by our laws and constitution.”

Davis balances her academics, social life and responsibilities as the senate pro tempore by prioritizing her duties.

“No, these responsibilities don’t really get in the way,” said Davis. “At the end of the day, as somebody that exhibits different qualities of a leader, obviously to enhance your leadership, you have to sometimes take your personal time to make sure everything is organized. It doesn’t really hinder me from accomplishing my school work or attending other organizational meetings.”

Davis wants to focus on her position as senate pro tempore and does not have future plans to run for any other SGA positions any time soon.

“Ultimately, my biggest goal is to always follow the path that’s for me,” said Davis. “I’m really like a go with the flow type of person. If the opportunity is going to present itself towards me, I’m going to take it and run with it. At this point in time, I have no intentions of running for the big three, but who’s to say that won’t change?”

Davis’s career ambitions are to become a social worker as well as to further her education. Her drive and responsibilities as senate pro tempore are preparing her for quite a successful  future.

“Once I finish here at Southeastern, I’ll be a registered social worker,” said Davis. “And once I finish that, I will be going back for a master’s.”

Students having questions regarding the SGA and ways to get involved can reach out to SGA members. The Office of Student Engagement is located on 2307 of the War Memorial Student Union.