Project P.U.L.L. organizes Culture Shock talent show auditions


Samantha Gambino/The Lion's Roar

Reginald Eloie performs a mime to a song for his “Culture Shock” auditions. The talent show is open for all students to showcase their talents.

On Wednesday, Oct. 16, students auditioned for the “Culture Shock” talent show organized by Project P.U.L.L., an organization on campus that tries to help freshmen of color through mentoring.

The audition was the first of several that will be held in preparation for the talent show on Wednesday, Nov. 6, and was judged by the mentees themselves so they could decide who they would like to have her perform in their show.

The first round of  auditions consisted of four auditions and two video auditions.

Sh’laya Coleman, a junior social work major and co-coordinator for Project P.U.L.L, helped with a production during her freshman year and now assist incoming freshman.

“They also go through the process of picking a theme,” explained Coleman. “So, what do y’all want your theme to be? What’s going to grab the audience’s attention for them to say ‘Oh. I want to come to that.’ We also teach them how to use social media to their advantage. Also like pubbing, as in posting our flyers for everything we have like auditions, when the meeting is, when the actual auditions take place.”

Coleman shared her favorite aspect of hosting and planning the event.

“My favorite part is the process before you put on the show,” expressed Coleman. “So, what’s going to be the theme? This is the topic of conversation. What theme would stand out to college students to make them want to come, make them want to be in. It’s a great way to see everybody’s talents around school you may not know about.”

Destiny Richardson, a sophomore art major, is one of the e-board members. Richardson handles social media, graphics and secretary work for Project P.U.L.L. She has been a part of the project since her freshman year and applied for the leadership team.

“I’ve been a part of Project P.U.L.L since my freshman year,” explained Richardson. “So, last year I started of as a mentee and got a mentor. Then I came to weekly meetings, until I graduated from the program in the spring. Once the opportunity presented itself to apply for the leadership team, I kinda just ran with it because I really like the idea of Project P.U.L.L and how it promotes leaders through such a small organization that’s close knit.”

Auditions are open to all students who want to showcase their talent. The next audition will be held Wednesday Oct. 23 at 5 p.m. in Fayard Hall room 109.