Sorority brings awareness to the consequences of driving under the influence


Elana Guillory

Members of the delta Sigma Theta Sorority perform in a drunk driving road test.

On Oct. 23 members of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority presented a public seminar to inform people on the dangers of driving under the influence.

The demonstration featured an informational slideshow and engaging activities. Sgt. Brandon Leblanc, a University Police officer on, was also present to answer questions and provide more information about Louisiana’s laws regarding driving under the influence. The sorority hosted the event to bring awareness to the mistakes some college students make. 

Caitlin Harris, external vice presdient of Delta Sigma Theta, explained her sorority’s motivation for putting on the event.

“They have homecoming going around,” said Harris. “Everybody indulges in drinking, and hopefully they don’t drink and drive, but we just wanted to have this and promote consequences and the dangers of drinking and driving among collegiate students.”

DeJon Beard, an active member of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority, agreed with Harris.

“You know, college students drink and drive a lot,” explained Beard. “It’s really bad on college campuses, and they just need to be aware of the consequences and the effects they have on others if they do drive drunk.”

Harris hoped that people left the seminar that night with more knowledge on driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs and that they will apply that knowledge to their own lives.

“I want to definitely see a decrease in drinking and driving among college students,” said Harris. “Not only drinking and driving but driving under the influence of other drugs. Alcohol is the number one, but people do drive under drugs and all of that stuff, and it’s really prevalent among college campuses. So, hopefully, they’ll take what they learned at the event and put it to use and think about it before they do it.”