Leadership Luncheon encourages students to develop positive outlook


Dylan Meche/The Lion's Roar

Dr. Peter Emerson speaks to student leaders during the Leadership Luncheon. At the event, Emerson explained how student leaders can encourage their peers to develop a positive attitude in life.

An event on campus gave student leaders an opportunity to learn methods to reduce stress and encourage a positive attitude among other students. 

The Office of Student Engagement and the ExCEL Leadership Program collaborated to host the Leadership Luncheon on Tuesday Nov. 12. During the event, students enjoyed a free Canes lunch while Dr. Peter Emerson, director of the University Counseling Center, addressed anxiety and how negativity can affect all aspects of a student’s life. 

Emerson explained why he agreed on talking about the subject matter.

“I speak frequently on these topics or on anxiety and that sort of thing and how to deal with these things,” said Emerson. “That has been a big topic in mental health, sort of working with a positive mental health perspective.”

Emerson feels that people tend to focus more on the negative aspects of their life which is reflected in the media people consume.

“One of the things that we see all of the time is the negative focus, in our media, especially,” shared Emerson. “We don’t see a lot of the good things that are going on. We get to see all of the disasters and all of the negative stuff, but we never focus on any of the good things that are happening in our world.” 

Emerson also believes that people today are too hard on themselves. 

“I think that a lot of people don’t celebrate their accomplishments or acknowledge when they do something good,” explained Emerson. “People tend to really beat themselves up when they do something that is wrong or they make a mistake. That’s one of the things I would like to see people change. Hold on to the positive things at least as long as they hold onto the negative.”

Emerson hopes that students who attended the event will become more aware of who they are and how that will help them reach their goals.