Schwebel gives praise to teammates for his success


Bransen Schwebel

Bransen Schwebel, a senior tight end for the university football team, has been playing as a Lion for four years.

A native of Amite, Louisiana, Schwebel plays on the offensive side. He shared what inspires him to perform better.

“I think it’s just honestly the people around me,” said Schwebel. ”They take a lot of people to cover.”

He also stated a few people who attract a lot of the defenders towards them, which leaves him open.

“Like Jawan, A-Mitch and CJ Turner, all them guys, take a lot of the defense to cover them so it leaves me open a lot more.”

Schwebel is a part of the offensive line, which means he still has the task of blocking to keep the backfield protected.

“I think going against this defense,” stated Schwebel. “Coach Guidry’s defense and these guys we play against everyday, I think it makes the games a lot easier so protecting the running back and the quarterback is something I do everyday, so my job is becoming a lot easier going against these guys.”

Jarius Gooch, senior offensive lineman, also had some factors to add on what type of task they face.

“My number one priority is to get the rest of my brothers to work hard each and every day,” said Gooch. “We work on our steps everyday. We try to finish through the whistle. We try our best to be coachable and do whatever they bring to us. We just try our best and do what we got  to protect the QB.”

Schwebel started playing football at a young age, and since the first time he touched the grass, pads and a football, it has stuck with him.

“I’ve been playing football since I was four years old,” shared Schwebel. “I was pretty big as a kid, but I grew a lot more. I think just hitting somebody, I thought that was a fun thing to do as a kid, but I stuck with it and here I am.”

Gooch feels Schwebel to be a dependable player.

“I love Bransen,” exclaimed Gooch “He’s very dependable. When they throw that ball up to him, we expect him to come down with it. Just very dependable. Good player.”

Schwebel has been honored with the 2018 first team All-Southland Conference, 2018 first team All-Louisiana and 2018 first team Southland All-Academic.

The last match for the team was a home against Nicholls State University on Thursday, Nov. 21 where the university lost 27-28.


Editor’s Note: This story has been edited for timeliness. 09/13/2019