Templet elected on executive board of LCIRSA


Jason Templet, coordinator of competitive sports, was elected for being on the executive board of the Louisiana Colleges Intramural and Recreational Sports Association this semester.

Templet explained his new position that he was elected for.

“The position I was elected for was being on the board for the LCIRSA organization,” said Templet. “With that, it helps run the whole organization and the tournaments and help make improvements moving forward.”

LCIRSA hosts tournaments every semester. This semester, LCIRSA hosted the fall tournament at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Athletes from across the state come from different colleges to compete. Tournaments include flag football, volleyball, soccer, basketball and softball.

Templet explained his role in the organization before being elected in the executive board.

“Before, I was just a member and going to the tournaments and helping,” said Templet. “Now that I’m on the board, I can help with the decisions and the other things that go along with being in that. As a member, I will be on there for 3 years and I am looking forward to it.”

Templet explained how he got elected for the position and expressed how he felt about being apart of the organization.

“I’ve been apart of the LCIRSA organization for about 4 years,” said Templet. “First, as a graduate assistant and then became a professional staff at Southeastern. It was still just going to the tournaments and being involved with everything with it and it’s been a lot of fun being apart of it. I was happy to put myself out there as a nominee and it worked out.”

Templet expressed plans that he would like to do for the next 3 years on the board. In the future, one of his plans is to bring Unified Sports League to the tournament.

“Some of the things I want to bring to the tournament is a Unified Sports League,” said Templet. “It is special Olympic athletes playing along side students. We already have it on our campus right now. That way we can make our tournament more inclusive to everybody.”

Seth Thomas, director of recreational sports and wellness, commented on why he thinks Templet is perfect for his new role on the executive board.

“He has a vast knowledge of Intramural Sports and he has the experience of running large scale tournaments,” said Thomas. “I think he can provide consistency with the different rules utilized at the different tournaments.”

Templet also explained the involvement and affect LCIRSA has on the university.

“LCRISA gives the students something to have a goal for,” said Templet. “If you win intramurals on your own campus, you then have a really good chance to go on to the state tournament and playing against other schools rather than just playing with the same teams and players all the time on your own campus.

Templet also expressed how much the organization has grown, with more professional members, more bigger schools getting involved and recently giving out scholarships to students.

“It has a lot more professional members now,” said Templet. “We have brought on a few more schools like Grambling and Southern, and we are trying to get LSU and Tulane as well. We have recently collected enough money to start our own scholarship that we will give to a student each semester.”