Q&A with Vice President for Student Affairs


Courtesy of Communication and Creative Services

Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Eric Summers.

The Lion’s Roar recently discussed some of the recent pandemic updates with Dr. Eric Summers:

What are some of the most general questions people have been asking recently?

We understand that these uncertain times have left students with many concerns. One of the most expressed concerns has been related to some type of grading accommodation. During these extraordinary times, the students felt they needed special consideration when it comes to grading. Therefore, we changed the grading policy. 

What caused the university to carry out the new grade changes? How will this benefit students?

We have extended the drop date to May 26 which will allow students to withdraw from a course after grades are posted on May 18. Students will also be provided an opportunity to request an “I,” or incomplete, from their faculty to allow them to continue work in a course beyond the semester if they have extenuating circumstances. Students can even request a P grade instead of an A, B or C. 

 May 26 is the deadline for requesting a grade change. Students should speak with their advisor before requesting these accommodations to better understand what a change would mean for their specific program and financial aid.

Recently, there has been a student that tested positive for COVID-19. The university has taken precautions such as transitioning to online classes and encouraging students to move back home. Although it was expected that there would be cases among the community, how is the university connecting with the student that has the virus? What is the university doing to help the student?

This public health crisis has created a great deal of anxiety for everyone. We hope these grading changes will help ease some of the transitional issues and assist our students with being successful.

As we manage this ever-changing situation with COVID-19, we will surely be impacted and have cases on campus. While I do not wish to speak to specific cases, we will do what is necessary to assist in the success of any student that has been impacted by  the virus.