Honors students conduct in-person meetings


Symiah Dorsey/The Lion's Roar

Students complete schoolwork in the Ascension Hall Marketplace. Honors students living in Ascension Hall who are members of the LLC group are allowed to have in-person meetings in the building.

The university released a framework of guidelines for student organizations to follow regarding meetings and events in response to COVID-19. The guidelines have been in effect since Sept. 3.

However, the Living-Learning Communities (LLC) inside of Ascension Hall have been able to have in-person meetings and events, which began on Aug. 16. This is because the freshmen LLC students are residents of Ascension Hall, and the Honors Program is not a student organization.

Dr. Claire Procopio, Honors Program director, oversees all planning and preparation for the LLC. She explained why she wanted to have these meetings in-person as opposed to virtually like many student organizations.

“They help students build community, live together, learn together and generally enhance the college experience,” explained Procopio. “As part of the LLC, students take core classes together, live in the same area of a dorm and participate in activities that supplement and enhance their classroom instruction.”

There are three different LLCs each focused on a unique area: Arts Appreciation, Health Sciences and Leadership Development. Each of the unique areas have their own meetings and events. For example, the Arts Appreciation LLC had a Bob Ross Painting night, the Health Sciences LLC had a bingo night and the Leadership Development LLC had a Trivia night.

The LLC meetings and events follow social distancing measures and facial covering procedures, according to Procopio.

“The room we use is quite large,” said Procopio. “It can hold 80 people in regular times, but we limit attendance to 25 or fewer. Students are required to wear masks throughout any LLC events just like in class.”

Procopio compared the measures to that of how an in-person class operates, saying that it is not riskier than any other classroom on campus.

Part of this decision to meet face-to-face was that these students work in cohorts, according to Procopio.

“Since they already have classes and live together, a carefully controlled in-person event does not represent much additional risk of COVID-19 exposure for them.” said Procopio.

Living in an LLC is a positive learning experience for newly acquainted freshmen at Southeastern, according to a few members of the Leadership Development LLC.

Grace Songy, freshman political science major who is a part of the Leadership Development LLC, said it has given her a unique opportunity.

“Through the LLC, I am given the unique opportunity to socialize and make bonds with my peers through my Southeastern 101 course, several activities, such as trivia and painting nights and by living on the same floor as them.” stated Songy.

Another member of the Leadership Development LLC, Emma Mier, freshman criminal justice major, said her LLC experience had helped her grow in ways she never had imagined.

“It gives me the opportunity to learn life skills in order to strengthen my leadership while also being able to build connections with people who want the same thing I do: Success,” said Mier. “The LLC has really been teaching me ways to not only get involved, but become a leader on campus, which has impacted me much more than other experiences I have had at Southeastern.”

Brooke Leboeuf, freshman accounting major and Leadership Development LLC member, shared how the organization has allowed her to meet people even during these unusual circumstances.

“It gives me a chance to go to events right now, which is something that is not very common right now during COVID-19,” said Leboeuf. “So, it still gives you a feel of the college experience even though it is altered.”