Adapting to changes: IFC formal recruitment to be conducted virtually


Jordyn Franklin/The Lion’s Roar

Greek Life organizations have taken the recruitment process virtual this year, creating new opportunities for recruits to engage. Members of sororities and fraternities can choose to reside in the Greek Life Commons.

The Interfraternity Council will be hosting its virtual formal recruitment starting on Sept. 27 through Oct. 1.

All IFC Recruitment activities will be conducted virtually through a series of Zoom calls. Prospective members were able to register online.

Peyton Licciardi, a senior accounting major and president of Kappa Sigma, shared some details on how Rush Week activities will be structured. 

“We’re going to have breakout rooms for all of the potential new members to talk to each fraternity individually,” mentioned Licciardi. “Basically, whoever the potential new member wants to talk to, they can join that breakout room and talk to them specifically.”

Each day will be set up a little differently, according to Licciardi.

“We will be going into the breakout rooms until the third day or so, I believe,” said Licciardi. “For the last couple of days, you get invited to join the breakout room. The invitations are sent out by the fraternities, and the potential new members can join if they wish.”

Licciardi admitted that becoming president during recent  time has been demanding. Regardless, he has adapted to meet the expectations of his role.

“I can’t have face-to-face meetings, so I have to join via Zoom calls and whatnot,” said Licciardi. “I get lots of emails in regards to the things I have to do. Overall, I’ve adapted pretty well. I’m getting used to what my job description is supposed to look like.”

Marjorie Parker, director of Student Engagement, shared her thoughts on this year’s fraternity recruitment process. Despite the format changes, she still believes in the benefits it will have for students.

“You’re still able to build these connections,” said Parker. “It’s just going to look different because it’s all virtual.”

Parker emphasized that Student Engagement will continue to ensure students have a memorable experience at the university.

“I think students are really used to doing things in person,” explained Parker. “I know I definitely miss being in-person, seeing our students and seeing them interact with one another. We are still doing our best to ensure they have an experience here at Southeastern and Student Engagement.”

Connecting students with one another is something that Parker looks forward to.

“I’m super excited about the opportunity to connect students,” expressed Parker. “Even though it’s virtual, they wouldn’t have had this 10 or 15 years ago. I’m very excited that we’re able to use this type of technology.”