Grad Fair: One-stop shop for graduating seniors

The Grad Fair for Spring 2022 will be held in the Student Union Ballroom from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Wednesday, March 16, and 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thursday, March 17. 

Olivia Graziano, associate director of alumni programming, said, “This semester we are no longer doing registrations.”

Grad Fair is free; the only major payment is cap and gown and other optional items.

The University Bookstore is selling undergraduate packages for $53.55, the master’s regalia for $86.75 and doctoral regalia for $148.75. These items will be available for purchase at Grad Fair, at the bookstore or online and individual components can be purchased separately. 

Although no registration is required, Candid Campus Photography is still taking appointments. To reserve a time, refer to the email Candid Campus sent to everyone who applied for graduation. A senior who is not walking at the commencement ceremony may still take portraits.  

“This semester we have gotten permission to utilize some of the sample robes from Candid Campus, meaning that if you don’t purchase a cap and gown because you don’t plan on walking or something like that they will have regalia there that you can wear,” Graziano said. 

It is doable for someone to finish Grad Fair then return later to take a picture with Candid Campus. They do not have a sitting fee – the only fee is if a photo is purchased. 

Graziano said all of the Balfour rings have the new S shield, the presidential seal on one side with “Lions” under it and a lion, three pillars and an oak tree on the other side. Rings can be customized by degree type or color; a full menu of options for both male and female rings will be available for viewing at Grad Fair. Additionally, there is a pendant on a chain available for nursing students. 

A list of the vendors that will be at Grad Fair is available on the SLU website with details on each vendor and an updated map.

“The vendors listed on the website are the people we encourage students to visit with,” Graziano said.

Since registration is not needed and there will be a larger crowd, reach out to the Alumni Center for accommodations.

“We are following the university mandate, so masks will not be required. If you are a high-risk individual who either needs special attention because you cannot do crowds or you feel that you should be wearing a mask, please mask up and email us so we can cater to your needs. We want everyone to stay safe,” Graziano said. 

Grad fair is designed to help seniors gain career assessment tools to prepare them for life after college. 

Coryn Richardson, a senior integrative biology major, said she is both excited and anxious about graduation. 

Richardson said, “I am stressed about graduation because it’s now time to enter the professional workforce. It’s something that’s always been a concern during college, but now it’s happening.”

For further information, please visit the Grad Fair website or email the Alumni Center at [email protected].