Fellows program to educate

Louisiana’s Office of the Governor has developed the Governor’s Fellows Program in Louisiana Government in partnership with Louisiana State University, Southern University and the Baton Rouge Area Foundation. 

The purpose of the program is to get college students more involved with government and to better understand how it works. The idea came from Chief of Staff Mark Cooper. According to Fellows Coordinator Roz Moore, the need for this kind of program arose after viewing actions taken by individuals in response to the “Me Too” movement and the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

“The fellows program is designed to help college students to learn about it involved in the legislative process here at the capital,” said Moore. “The governor wants to keep all of our college students working and living here in Louisiana and enjoying what they grew up with.”

The program is open to students who have completed their sophomore year of college. The application requires an academic transcript, a resume, two letters of recommendation, and a 500-word minimum, two-page maximum essay focusing on a particular area of interest.

“Everything that we do up here at the capital reflects directly on our society, and college students are a part of that society,” said Moore.




Moore stressed how this program can educate people on how to effectively make changes in government by having a better understanding of the up-close mechanisms. 

“I think it’s a great time for students to be involved in government,” said Moore. “This is a different aspect of it. They can get involved with the nitty-gritty and learn how to change the laws and really make a difference.”

Participation in the program provides housing on LSU’s campus, three hours of credit through LSU’s Public Administration Institute, and a stipend of up to $1,500 for additional expenses.

The program will involve a speaker series as well as field trips to various significant locations across Louisiana. Participants will also get three days with a cabinet member to learn about a specific portion of government.

Moore feels the program will provide participants with the necessary tools to navigate government in the future.

“All of that, I think, is gonna give them a very broad and intimate idea as to what goes on up here at the capitol and how government reflects directly upon society,” said Moore. “Also, how they can be involved and what actions they may take in the future to be involved with the government.”

Orientation is scheduled to be on May 30 and graduation on Aug. 3.

The application is due by May 7 and can be found at gov.louisiana.gov/fellows. More details on the program and application process can be found at http://www.gov.louisiana.gov/page/governors-fellows-program-in-louisiana-government or by calling Moore at 225-342-7188.