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Alpha Psi Omega presented the female centered play “You Go, Goddess!” in the Student Union Theatre. The organization also performed at Cassidy Park in Bogalusa and the Dance Center and School of Performing Arts in Baton Rouge. Prakriti Adhikari/The Lion’s Roar

For the past five years, Alpha Psi Omega has been showcasing a play in the university every spring semester. 

This year, “You Go, Goddess!” written by Tommy Jamerson and directed by Jeff Polito was showcased at the Student Union Theatre on April 16 and 18 at 7:30 p.m. 

Freshman general studies major Gabrielle Nixon, who played Calliope, enjoyed acting in the children’s show.

“I have never done a children’s show before, but I love working with kids, doing some party princess thing, or dressing up as a princess,” said Nixon. “So, I really wanted to do this. I knew it would be rewarding. It’s a lot of fun.”

The team also performed at Cassidy Park in Bogalusa on Friday, April 6 and the Dance Center and School of Performing Arts in Baton Rouge on April 14. 

“We went to Bogalusa Cassidy Park, and that was good,” said senior business administration major and President of Alpha Psi Omega Madison Smith. “They let us do it for free, which was really nice. That was where we had the most kids so far. We had so much fun. Baton Rouge was also a really good turnout, which was mostly friends and family. They were a great audience there.”

Freshman history major Quiere Blue thought the actors justified the characters. He thought the actors were successful in making the audience laugh, and was happy with the props that were used.

“The scenes they were going for were more of comedy aimed just to make the crowd laughing,” said Blue. “I think the props were spot-on,” 

Junior music major Jeremy Guillot was happy to be a part of the play “which was about allowing the women to be hero.” The character who played Narcissus had a hard time preparing for the self-centered character.

“I actually walked around campus for about a month with a mirror in my hand talking to myself before we had the mirror that didn’t have the reflection on it,” said Guillot. “I was not used to talking to myself. I also talked to every mentor that I could.”

Polito was excited to direct the female centered play to the university that was written to empower women. He talked about his favorite scene of the play.

“One of my favorite scenes is in the scene between Hercules and his daughter at the beginning where he hoists her opponent’s shoulders,” said Polito. “We really get a chance to to see the beauty of father-daughter relationship and how it’s his love and his support for her, and how much he believed in her that allowed her to believe in herself. Then, ultimately she used that to save her life. So, I thought that was a great scene.”

Community member Joe Mier was impressed with Nixon’s performance as Calliope.

“I thought it was a fantastic play put on by the cast, and Calliope did a fantastic job,” said Mier.