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Bonding and fun on karaoke night

Noah Smith, Staff Reporter

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The Southeastern Accounting Society hosted a karaoke night with drinks and pizza for its members to bond and promote the organization.

President of the Southeastern Accounting Society Krystal Waddell, a senior accounting major, hopes the society will grow over the coming years.

“Although this is my final year, I hope that more students get involved with the accounting society,” said Waddell. “I also hope it will continue to help students interested in any major that deals with accounting by not only connecting them with peers of similar studies but by helping them learn and educate them in the process.”

Stephanie Fos, a junior accounting major, believes the karaoke will become an annual event.

“Although it was small, everyone seemed to have fun, so the small turnout didn’t really affect us,” said Fos.

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