OSE Breakdown: Greek Life


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Volleyball was the first Greek Week sport to take place last semester. Greek organizations partenered up in teams and competed through various activities.

One of the multiple branches that make up the university’s Office for Student Engagement is the Fraternity and Sorority Life department.

This department oversees events such as “Greek Week”, formal recruitment and bid day for the university.

The university has over 18 different fraternities and sororities that are recognized as active Greek Life organizations.

Zachary Rogers, the interim coordinator of student engagement, is currently overseeing the interfraternity council.

“I oversee all of the leadership development, but in the meantime, I am overseeing the Interfraternity council,” commented Rogers. “I work with the IFC council the most on campus and I also help out with the individual fraternities a lot too.”

When a hazing incident occurs or a fraternity has a possible hazing incident claimed against them, Rogers explained who would take care of those issues.

“With an incident like hazing, that type of stuff would be reported to our Deans of Students Office,” said Rogers. “Along with them the report would also go to the Office for Student Advocacy and from there they would take on the investigation.”

Some other responsibilities for the Greek Life department include ensuring that everyone follows rules and procedures.

“I make sure that students have access to all of their houses,” explained Rogers. “I just make sure that no one is breaking any rules. I also make sure that no illegal activities like hazing occur. I make sure this doesn’t happen because when this type of stuff does happen it can ruin the greek life experience for everyone else.”

Recruitment is a major aspect in Greek Life for all fraternities, and is counted as a big event each year.

“By far our biggest and most important event is IFC formal recruitment,” shared Rogers. “During that week we put on different events such as barbeques and house tours. This year we had a big convocation event in our Student Union where new recruits get to learn everything about each fraternity before a rush week so they know who they would like to talk to.”

Along with the IFC formal recruitment Rogers elaborated on other major events that IFC hosts.

“Every year we do the Hazing Prevention week,” stated Rogers. “That event is to ensure all of our students and faculty that we do not haze and we do not tolerate hazing of any sort. We also have events during homecoming and Greek Week which they host.”

Rogers feels that recruitment is an important aspect of Greek life on campus.

“It gives everyone the chance to see what Greek life is about,” claimed Rogers. “Because it is a way for everyone to see all of the different fraternities on campus and it is a way to show students the different ways to get involved and to grow your leadership.”

Rogers was an active member of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity as his time as a university student, he shared how that helped prepare him for his job role today.

“As a staff member I try to stay as neutral as possible when working with different fraternities,” stated Rogers. “While I was an active member of the fraternity it taught me a lot on how to work with different groups of people. So, whether it’s different fraternities or different walks of life I can work really well with anyone. I also do a really good job at bouncing well with other jobs and tasks all at once.”

Formal recruitment for the Fall 2019 semester has come to a conclusion, but those interested in signing informally can do so until.

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“Battleship” took place during last semester’s Greek Week. Participants tried to sink thier opponents’ boats while staying afloat. Greek organizations partner up in teams and compete through various activities.