Administration showcases the university to young scholars


Zachary Araki/The Lion's Roar

At the “Scholars Showcase,” attendees took photos with Roomie as they were welcomed to the university. The night consisted of informing the high school students and their families of the university’s campus and programs.

The university invited high school students to learn more about the campus and be recognized for their academic work at the “Scholars Showcase.”

Over 130 high school students registered for the event that was held in the Student Union Ballroom on Jan. 29 at 6 p.m.

According to Anthony Ranatza, director of admissions, the event dates back to at least 15 years.

“The goal and purpose has remained the same, but the event has significantly grown over the past ten years plus,” said Ranatza. “From originally one-night event hosted in the old Twelve Oaks to now three night events filling our grand ballroom, the number of scholars who choose to attend Southeastern has steadily increased along with the event attendance for this program. The number of faculty and staff who willingly attend shows the dedication and personal attention at Southeastern.”

The total amount of four-year scholarships awarded to date for class 2023 exceeded $17 million.

Attendees heard about aspects of the university such as the honors program, the Summer Smart program and the Southeastern Promise from presenters like Dr. John L. Crain, university president, and Dr. Claire Procopio, honors program director. Garrett Leeper enjoyed the night.

“100 percent I’m coming here,” shared Leeper. “I have no interest in any other university. I love this campus already.”

Kevin Medine discussed what he learned from the event.

“It’s a good school, and I like how they focus on the individual,” said Medine. “You don’t just get lost in the crowd at this school. You have more personal connection with your professors and people in charge.”

To further familiarize attendees with the university, faculty and staff spoke with them.

“At this event, high school scholar students are introduced to their academic professor and deans and other senior leadership of campus,” explained Ranatza. “We hope students who attend this event are personally connected to at least one faculty or staff member who will help lead them towards success at Southeastern. We want the attendees to know Southeastern has many outstanding, top-notch academic programs with faculty members who care about their success.”

For some students, the “Scholars Showcase” finalized a decision about their academic future.

“It helped me with some questions I had about the school because it was between here and another in-state school for me,” shared Medine. “I think tonight cemented where I’m going for college.”