GOLD Council reconnects alumni to campus


Alumni can reconnect with the university through a leadership alumni organization called Graduates Of the Last Decade Council, the GOLD Council.

The GOLD Council assists the Alumni Association in networking with university graduates. There are 24 members who work on a two-year basis. The first batch of 12 GOLD Council members were selected last year, and an additional 12 members were selected this year. Starting next year, 12 new members will replace those from last year who finish their terms.

Yazmyn Smith, an academic adviser for the university, is one of the GOLD Council members.

Smith explained that the main objective of the GOLD Council is to get young alumni involved on campus through interactive programs and marketing.

“We come up with programs that might appeal to young alumni such as interactive tailgating,” explained Smith. “We are doing student-transition stuff. We help with the ‘Lion4Life Launch’ for seniors before we send them off. We also did Southeastern Connect live. So, it is essentially us helping alumni to get on the social media platform that the Southeastern alumni has.”

The members were chosen from a pool of applicants who applied to become a member of GOLD Council.

David Cavell, a 2011 alumnus and the district director for the Office of Congressman, felt it was meaningful to be involved through GOLD Council to give back to the university.

“As someone who was involved in the university while in college, I thought it was important to credit Southeastern for allowing me to grow as a person and allowing me to step a foot in my career, my job, for providing a great foundation to both education, extra curricular and networking opportunities,” shared Cavell. “So basically, I am giving back to the university that has given so much to me.”

The members of the GOLD Council assist in programs like “Lion4Life Launch” party, “Networking for Introverts,” Career Fair and tailgating events among others.

The members of the council work with different organizations and are settled in different parts of the country.

Cavell believes that the diversity helps bring different viewpoints in the council.

“I think it’s important to have folks who are not traditional,” said Cavell. “’Hey, I went to school in Hammond, and I’m living in Hammond, living around Livingston, or living around Baton Rouge.’ We have graduates around the world, and I think it’s important to get a good mix of folks that bring their experience and perspective as well as their insights into the equation.”

Smith completed the membership application, as she believed it would allow her to give back to the university.

“I bleed green and gold,” stated Smith. “I love Southeastern so much, and it’s done so much for me. So, it’s just a way to give back to Southeastern and be able to assist students and get more younger alumni to be involved in Southeastern.”

For graduates wanting to reconnect, Smith suggested participating in events and getting on Southeastern Connect.

“Come to a tailgate,” said Smith. “Come to an event. Join a local chapter. Get on Southeastern Connect. There are people out there who will want to connect with you. Connect with them.”