Lady Lions surge past Southern University 3-0


Daniel McClain

Baylee Laskoskie, a freshman setter, and Sam Gomez, a junior middle blocker, defend a hit over the net in Tuesday night’s 3-0 victory over Southern University of New Orleans.

The Lady Lions volleyball team cruised past the Lady Jaguars in the 3-0 victory Tuesday night. 

“The goal on defense was to watch for undisciplined balls, and especially dumps from the setter because she does that often,” stated Caroline Golden, a junior outside hitter.

“Really it was just about getting back,” said Jeremy White, head coach of volleyball. “Getting stops a lot sooner, and not really cheating too often,” 

With the defense improving their play from last week’s loss against Northwestern State Univerisity, the Lady Lions were able to focus more on offense during the game against the Lady Jaguars.

White shared, “ We really wanted to focus on being more disciplined on our defense. Being more versatile on our attacks. We were trying to get our right side involved, which was a big difference between the last game against Northwestern.”

While the attack game was strong, just staying focussed, playing together as a team and keeping a leveled head was what lead the lions to a victory.

“I would say our attackers. Honestly, our middle attackers are our bread and butter right now,” said Jodi Edo, a senior middle blocker. “So if we get a good pass from the back row, or we get a good set, our middle attackers always put it down.”

“We really wanted to go enjoy ourselves tonight,” shared Edo. “I think that’s a lot of what it is. When we’re able to enjoy ourselves playings, it’s a whole lot easier to keep the energy up and keep making good plays. It’s a whole lot easier to stay engaged in the game”.

With the victory, Southeastern’s record now stands at 9-11 overall. The Lady Lion’s next match will be on the road against Abilene Christian University on Oct. 17, 2019.