Blue meets red governor’s debate


Karley Bordelon

Participants of the Blue Meets Red event. From left to right, College Republicans Daniel Seither, Rachel Selman and Travis Thompson. Moderator Indya Major, and College Democrats Leah Cross, Jasmine Bickham, Alana Collins, Rebecca Shields and Systeria Collins.

Election Day is on Saturday and both sides are fighting for their candidates

The Student Government Organization held their Red vs. Blue debate at the Student Union Annex, Room 2303. Attendees at hand were College Democrats, made up of Leah Cross, Syteria Collins, Rebecca Shields, Jasmine Bickham and Alana Collins, and College Republicans, made up of Daniel Seither, Rachel Selman, and Travis Thompson.

Opening statements began with the two sides, represented by Thompson for the Republicans and Cross for the Democrats, discussing principles of the party as well as volunteer events that both sides have undertaken.

The debate was focused on the upcoming gubernatorial runoff between incumbent Governor, John Bel Edwards (D) and businessman and owner of ISC Constructors Eddie Risponie (R). The topics that each respective group had discussed focused on their candidate’s strengths.

In closing, both Seither and Cross would place their closing statements for their candidates and respective parties.

“I ask that you cast your ballot in the hopes that TOPS continue to be fully-funded, that Louisiana’s infrastructure repairs will be funded, and that healthcare will be funded,” said Cross. “These are the things that we need, that our communities need.”.

“It’s time to stop blaming former Governor Jindal, Governor Edwards has almost served a full term” said Seither. “Eddie Risponie, he’s a leader, a proven businessman, a self-starter.”

Election Day is Saturday, Nov. 16, with voting hours between 7 a.m to 8 p.m.