2020 Spring intramural schedule


The REC will be hosting several events with Intramural Sports in February.

Sports that are included in the lineup for February are basketball, soccer and softball. New sports in this semester’s lineup include doubles racquetball and doubles badminton. Registration is now open for all sports.

A new addition to the lineup, doubles racquetball, will have its tournament on Wednesday, Feb. 5 at 6:30 p.m., with both women’s and men’s leagues, for one night only. The deadline for the entry is on the same day.

For basketball, Greek, men, women and 6ft & under leagues will be playing for five weeks, Mondays through Thursdays. The season begins on Feb. 10 and registration closes on Feb. 5. The cost to join is $100.

Soccer begins on Feb. 19, with Co-REC and Greek leagues. The season will last for six weeks and is played on Wednesdays. Registration ends on Feb. 12, and the cost to join is $75.

Another new sport, badminton doubles, will have men’s and women’s leagues. The sport will be played on Thursday, Feb. 27 only, at 6:30 p.m. The entry fees will be due on the same day.

The entry fees for softball, which will begin on Mar. 2, will be due by Feb. 27. The cost is $125.

Jason Templet, assistant director for competitive sports and fitness services, explained that the Fais Do Do and Swamp Bowl are returning this semester.

“We are planning to make the Fais Do Do and Swamp Bowl event later in the semester a bigger event this year,” said Templet.

The events will be hosted by the REC and will include games, music, food and tournaments.

Look out for more information on upcoming events and sports on the REC’s social media accounts. Their Instagram and Twitter is @slu_rec, and people can register online for the tournaments at IMleagues.com/selu.