Staying in shape at home during the COVID-19 lockdown


Carter McComack\The Lions Roar

Since the governor announced stay-at-home order, people have been following different methods to exercise and stay fit. A family goes on a walk to stay active together.

Following the closure of all gyms, many people were quick to jump onto at-home exercise trends to stay fit.

Challenges are spreading throughout social media. People have started walking and jogging, creating their own workouts or participating in routines from a trainer or from the Pennington Student Activity Center.

Many, including Pawan Shrestha, a senior biological science major, have found alternative ways to stay active with the resources available.

“Mostly, I workout at home, but I try to go to North Oaks Park when it starts to get repetitive at home,” said Shrestha. “I try to do some bar exercises and run in the park.”

Some people have found it harder to find motivation when working out at home. Not having all the equipment could also be a factor.

“I wouldn’t say harder,” said Shrestha. “It’s just the options are limited now, so there is a chance that you are going to feel like not working out. Also, you have to buy your own equipment to practice a variety of workouts.”

Dean of Students Gabe Willis mentioned that a lack of gym fellowship increases his necessity for creativity and self-motivation during at-home workouts.

“It’s not that the workouts are harder – it’s simply more of a task to be creative and push myself without seeing others working hard around me,” said Willis.

There have also been social media trends people were quick to try for new workout routines.

“So basically, I have been following some of the athletes on Instagram and trying to merge those exercises,” explained Shrestha. “I also look for any challenges that I see on social media.”

Shrestha expressed that he also follows a healthy diet to be in good shape.

“I have been following different online workout plans but also focusing on my diet. I believe proper diet is also an important key to fitness,” said Shrestha.

Willis shared that he often looks to running for physical exercise.

“I’ve gone to campus to run once,” said Willis. “I finally made it all the way around campus without stopping. My usual runs are around the neighborhood.”

For Willis, time during self isolation is time for self improvement.

“I’ve committed to ‘Coming out of COVID better’,” said Willis. “That has been my driving motivation for everything, not just fitness. This relates to my role as a husband, father, employee and complete person.”